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Sheriff Whisenant's Tip of the Month


April 2017


Runaway / Missing Juveniles


Throughout the course of a year, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office receives numerous reports of runaway juveniles.  There are many different reasons why juveniles leave home, and realizing that your teen has runaway can fill a parent with emotion, fear, and even shame.  Wherever your teen has gone, there are certain steps that are necessary to ensure their safe return.


1.    Notify the Police/Sheriff’s Office IMMEDIATELY!  A report will be taken and very detailed information will be needed.  The juvenile will be entered into a national data base (NCIC) which assists Law Enforcement with locating the child.


2.    Provide the Officer with a recent photograph of your child.  The photograph will be returned after your child is located.


3.    Spread the word among your friends and your child’s friends that your teen is missing.  Ask your teen’s friends if they hear from your child to please encourage your child to contact you.  


4.    Any internet media passwords/login names used by your child are valuable to law enforcement.  Pay attention to your child’s Facebook account, be nosey! 


5.    Know your child’s friends and make a list of their parents’ names, addresses, etc…

Stay involved in your child’s day to day activities and keep track of what they’re doing at all times.  It’s easy to be friends with our children but it’s difficult to be a parent!  However, the only way to ensure our children stay safe and to reduce the chance of them running away is to stay involved in their lives and pay attention to them. 


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