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Sheriff Whisenant's Tip of the Month


August 2018




The new school year is just around the corner and our children’s safety is extremely important! 


There are a few things we need to remember in regards to keeping them safe:



1.     Be mindful of predators looking for an opportunity to kidnap or harm children while they are waiting at bus stops or walking to and from school. Any suspicious person or vehicle should be reported immediately to local authorities and remember to get the vehicle tag number.


2.     Make sure your child is aware of bullying and what they need to do, if they are being bullied.


3.     If they walk to school, remind them to not talk to strangers (FOR ANY REASON) and walk directly to school.



1.     Be alert for school zones and watch your speed.  School zones have a 20mph speed limit during designated times of the day.


2.     Be aware of stopped school busses with children boarding and un-boarding.  As we all know, most children are not aware of their surroundings and may dart out in front of moving vehicles.


3.     Remember, texting while driving is a crime….it can wait.  If you must text, please pull off the road in a safe area.

Have a Great School Year, Be Safe, and

Help Keep Our Children Safe!



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