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Sheriff Whisenant's Tip of the Month


November 2019




The month of November brings yet another holiday, Thanksgiving; a time to celebrate with family and friends and appreciate our daily blessings! There will be quite a lot of shopping done in the next two months. With that in mind, there are a couple things we all need to remember to make our holiday season safer.



STAY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS:  When walking to your vehicle after shopping, have your keys in your hand, so you are not placing items on the ground in order to open your door. Be observant as your walking to your vehicle and keep your head up…. walk confidently. Criminals are looking for the "weak" person they can take advantage of, so let them know you WILL NOT be an "easy" target!


LOCK YOUR DOORS:   Whether your vehicle is parked in your driveway or in a parking lot, ALWAYS lock your doors. The majority of incidents law enforcement officers respond to, when dealing with vehicles having items stolen from inside, are because of unlocked doors. ALWAYS lock your car doors!


KEEP VALUABLES OUT OF SIGHT: Criminals are looking for quickest and easiest ways to commit crime, so along with locking vehicle doors; hide all valuables in the trunk. If the criminal is walking through parking lots looking for items to steal, he will not see anything of value that is located in a trunk.


DON’T POST EVERYTHING: Social media such as Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram are a great source of information for criminals. With just knowing your name, criminals can locate where you live. NEVER post updates such as; "Going shopping today.", "We're leaving for vacation today.", or "I've been shopping all day and all my presents are under the tree!" You are giving criminals everything they need to know!


Be safe this holiday season and make it harder for criminals to commit their crimes!


If somebody suspicious comes to your house, or you wish to report any suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to call the Burke County Sheriff's Office at (828) 438-5500. If you have an emergency, always dial 911.


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