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Sheriff Whisenant's Tip of the Month


September 2019




Social media is embedded in everything we do on a daily basis; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few of the most popular sites and apps.  All of these social media sites can be accessed by computers or smartphones. Law Enforcement Agencies utilize Social Media to help keep the public aware of current arrests, crimes, and issues within their area.  Young adults are very technically savvy and most of the time they know more about social media and how to use it than their parents.  It is IMPORTANT parents pay attention to what their children are doing on these social sites because of the inherent danger with online predators who utilize social media sites. 



Review your child’s friend list and make sure you have the password to all sites your children visit. Be aware that they can have multiple accounts on multiple services. You’re not invading their privacy if they’re putting personal info in public “places” online.  Sharing inappropriate photos or information is never OK. 


Be reasonable and try to set reasonable expectations.  Pulling the plug on your child’s favorite social site is like pulling the plug on his or her social life. Instead of being interpreted as a loving parent being protective, it can shut down communication between parent and child.  Realize it’s easy for them to set up free blogs and profiles from anywhere, including friends’ houses or even a cell phone.


Talk with your kids about how they use the services. Help them understand basic safety guidelines, such as protecting their privacy (including passwords), and avoiding in-person meetings with people they “meet” online, and taking care in what they post – because anything people put online can be grabbed, reworked, and used against them.


Social Media: Be Smart and Have Fun With It!



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