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John Boone
(September 19, 1789 - November 22, 1837)

The following excerpts were taken from:
"The Heritage of Caldwell County North Carolina." Vol. I. 1983. 264-265.


John Boone served as Burke County's 23rd Sheriff from 1832 to 1837 and had two popular 'claims to fame.' The first came with the notion that he was directly related to the great frontiersman Daniel Boone. John's paternal grandfather, Israel Boone, was the brother of Daniel Boone, therefore making John Boone a great nephew of Daniel Boone.  His second 'claim to fame,' and perhaps one he would have gladly turned down, was his term of sheriff happened to fall during the time of the well-known hanging of Frankie Silvers.


John was born September 19, 1789 to parents Jonathan Boone and Susannah Nixon who were married in Rowan County in 1773. John had six other siblings: Thomas, Rachel, Jeptha, Mary, Elanor, and Jemima. The family moved to Burke County (now part of Caldwell) and then on to the Mulberry Community. These lands included much of what is now the Federal Boone Fork Recreation Area in the Mulberry Community.


Reports indicate that Sheriff John Boone served during the War of 1812 in the Fourteenth Company (detached from the Third and part of the First Burke Regiment), under Captain Kenneth McKinsey and First Lieutenant Jesse Brevard; Eight Regiment, under Nathan Horton, (Lieutenant Colonel Commandant), Merritt Burgin (First Major), and Samuel Davidson (Second Major and first cousin to Burke County's High Sheriff during 1786-1788, James Davidson); all under the command of Thomas Brown, Major General.


John's father, Jonathan Boone, Sr. was heavily involved in the old Yadkin Baptist Church where he served as an elder, clerk and deacon. Jonathan Boone Sr. and his brother Jessie owned hundreds of acres on and around Husband Creek in the Mulberry Community. Jonathan (Sheriff John's father), Jessie, Elizabeth and Sarah were the children of Israel Boone (Sheriff John's grandfather), a brother to Daniel Boone. Israel was born May 9, 1726 in Burks Co., Pennsylvania, and died on June 26, 1756 at the age of 30. Israel was married on December 31, 1747 to an unknown Indian woman, making Sheriff John Boone a quarter Indian. Israel's brothers and sisters (Sheriff John's great uncles and aunts) were: Sarah, Squire, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, George, Edward, Squire, Jr., and Hannah; all children of Squire Boone, Sr.* and Sarah Morgan (Sheriff John's great grandparents). Due to Israel's untimely death, Jonathan (Sheriff John's father) then age two, and Jessie (Sheriff John's uncle) then age four were raised by their grandparents, and Daniel Boone and his wife.


Sheriff John Boone died in office on November 22, 1837 of natural causes, perhaps due to the fact that many reported that he became grief-stricken and never regained his health following the hanging of Frankie Silvers. He is buried near Highway 18 North in Chesterfield, North Carolina.


* Squire had arrived to America in 1712-1713 with his sister, Sarah, and his brother, George IV. Squire's parents and the other six siblings arrived to America in August 1717 and settled in Pennsylvania. Squire was the son of George III (Sheriff John's great great grandfather), born 1666 and a resident of Stoak, England.



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