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William Clairborne Butler
(1802 - April 10, 1841)

The following excerpts were taken from:
Burke County Public Library N.C. Room; Writer unknown.


William Clairborne Butler was born in 1802 and died April 10, 1841 (buried in McDowell-Tate Cemetery, Burke County, NC). His father was Richard Butler born 1770 in Kilkenny, Ireland, and his mother was Sara Throgmorton, born 1770 in Halifax, Virginia. William married Margaret Allison Tate around 1825 in Burke County, NC and had two children; Sarah Louise Butler born 1833 in Burke County, and Elizabeth Ann Butler born March 27, 1837.


The US Census of 1820 lists Sara T. Butler as head of household. She most likely died between the years of 1820 and 1830. Both Richard and Sara Butler are buried in the Quaker Meadows Cemetery in Burke County.


The first child of Richard and Sara Butler, John Edward, was born in 1798 and died in 1840. He was known as Colonel Butler. He was large land owner, farmer, gold miner, and slave trader. Between 1819 and 1840 he was very active in the affairs of the county. On July 30, 1815, he married Rachel Smith. Their three-story log house, which they named "Locust Grove," was located on Highway 70, between US 70 and I-40, west of the railroad overpass between Morganton and Glen Alpine.


The second son of Richard and Sara Butler, William Clairborne, was born in 1802, died in 1841, and is buried in Quaker Meadows Cemetery near Morganton. He was the Sheriff of Burke County just before Frankie Silvers was hanged. Colonel John Boone was the Sheriff at the time of the hanging. William Clairborne Butler married Margaret Allison Tate. Their daughter, Sara Louise, married Ephriam Edward Greenlee.


The fourth child of John and Rachel Butler, William Hall Butler, was born in 1825 and married Jane Kibler. William Hall Butler was a sergeant in Company D, the Eleventh Bethel Regiment, North Carolina Infantry of the Confederate States Army. He enlisted February 26, 1863. He was with the William R. Cox Brigade, which was with General Robert E. Lee, and surrendered April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. William Hall Butler died in 1897 and was buried at Quaker Meadows Cemetery near Morganton. The Cox Brigade was part of the "Rough and Ready Guards," started by Zebulon Vance in Buncombe County, who later became Governor.


The first child of William Hall Butler and Jane Kibler Butler, John Martin, born 1844, married Harriet Ann Simpson of Glen Alpine. He was employed by the Southern Railway and worked during the construction of the link from Old Fort to Asheville. He and his wife, with their four children, lived at "Round Knob," a luxury hotel that stood at the site of Andrew's Geyser near Old Fort. He was killed at the first Swannanoa tunnel at Ridgecrest during the construction of the railroad. Following his death, Harriet and the four children moved back to the Butler home in Glen Alpine. The old home burned about 1913, but a new home was built nearby, beside the old road from Asheville to Salisbury called the "Old Wagon Road" at that time. John Martin Butler and his family are buried at the Glen Alpine Cemetery. At the time of his death, his first child, Adolphus Aden, was thirteen years of age.


Adolphus Aden Butler, was born in 1870 and married Margaret Elizabeth Tallent. He was employed by the North Carolina State Hospital, now Broughton, until his death in December 1937 at Duke Hospital in Durham. He and his wife are buried at the Glen Alpine Cemetery.


The first child of Adolphus Aden Butler and Margaret Elizabeth Tallent, Effie Mae Butler, was born July 4, 1904 and married Peter P. Mull of Glen Alpine. They now live on part of the original Butler property which has been handed down through each generation. Peter P. Mull worked for and retired from Great Lakes Carbon Company. Effie Mae Butler Mull worked for and retired from Drexel Knitting Mills. They then owned and operated Pete's Book Store near their home in Glen Alpine. They had three children: Vicia Mae Mull Cloud, Ruby V. Mull Orders, and Margaret E. Mull Grady.


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