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Thomas McEntire

The following excerpts were taken from:
Phifer, Edward William, Jr. Burke: The History of a North Carolina County, 1777-1920: Revised Edition. 1982.


Thomas McEntire emigrated with James McEntire, Sr. (most likely a brother) from Tyrone County, Ireland shortly after the Revolution. He resided near Old Fort, now in McDowell County, and was a member of the Legislature in 1802. He served Burke County as its ninth and eleventh Sheriff in the years 1792-1795 and 1798-1801, respectively.


He had three sons and three daughters: James, William, John, Jennie, Mary, Martha. Upon is death all of his sons moved to Georgia, most likely due to land grants that were provided to them. Two of his daughters married grandsons of James Greenlee, Burke's third High Sheriff. Mary married James H. Greenlee of Turkey Cove, and Martha married John H. Greenlee, son of Ephriam Greenlee.