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Thomas Monroe Webb
(1830 - 1909)

The following excerpts were taken from:
"The Heritage of Burke County 1981" Vol. I. Burke County Historical Society, 1981. pg 469.
Thomas Monroe, who went by the name "Monroe," was born circa 1830 to parents Thomas Webb (1788-1881) and Elizabeth Anthony Webb (1793-1857), daughter of Paul and Susanna Anthony. Thomas Monroe was the only son that Elizabeth had before her death; she had a total of three children: Monroe, Susan and Emily Webb. After her death Thomas' father married Rachel Griffin and had four children: Jonah, Tirea, Stephen and Gincy.
The family lived about five miles above Warrior Ford on Upper Steele Creek, and was known as the "The Big Warrior" by the local Indians. Thomas' father owned land called the Collins Place and land at Little Fork (now government property). His father was a carpenter by trade; he built tables, chairs, bureaus, spool beds, and big and little spinning wheels. He also hand wove baskets in a variety of sizes, baskets used in farming to school lunches.
Sheriff Thomas Monroe married Harriet Beck and had four children: Todd, Lloyd, Velsia, and Oliver.
Sheriff Webb's sister, Susan, married John Randall and they had three children: William George, Elizabeth, and Adaline. William George Randall became what has often been referred to as 'Burke County's greatest artist.'