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8:00am – 5:00pm

Major Billy J. Boughman


Phone: (828) 764-9583

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148 Government Drive

Morganton, NC 28655


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Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility Mission Statement


We are guardians of society’s laws who respond to the public’s needs in a caring, courteous and professional manner to ensure the highest quality of life. 



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Each inmate is allotted one, thirty minute visit per week and can have up to 3 visitors during the visit.  Adult visitors are required to have a current picture ID.  Picture ID must include the visitors’ full name and date of birth.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany any visitor under the age of 18. 


Visitors will be dressed appropriately;

1.     Shirts and shoes are mandatory.

2.     Halter tops, bare midriffs, strapless tops, tube tops, body suits, underwear-type tee-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts or dresses that are inappropriately revealing (a sleeveless shirt or dress is considered inappropriately revealing when the female breast or lingerie can be seen), fish net shirts, or any type of shirt or pants made with see-though fabric are NOT allowed to be worn by any visitor (male or female).

3.     Visitors may wear Bermuda-length shorts provided they are not more than three (3”) inches above the kneecap. Shorts for pre-teens may be shorter than three (3”) inches above the kneecap.

4.     Females may wear dresses or skirts. Dresses or skirts may not be more than three (3”) inches above the kneecap. Slits in skirts and dresses may not be more than three (3”) inches above the kneecap. Dresses and skirts for pre-teens may be shorter than three (3”) inches above the kneecap.

5.     Any shirt or other articles of clothing with a picture or language that may be considered profane or offensive by current public standards or considered STG (gang) related will not be allowed.

6.     Slacks and pants are to be worn at or above the waist.


Visitors will not be permitted to have cellular telephones, audio and video recording devices or weapons to include knives within the confines of the lobby or visitation area.


As of September 1, 2018 Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility will no longer allow family members of inmates to bring in underwear, t-shirts, or socks.  These items will be provided by the facility upon admission and the inmate will then have to purchase these items from the commissary.


Visitation hours are as follows:

Male Visitation



A – F: 8am – 11am

G – L: 1pm – 4pm

M – R: 6pm – 9pm



S – Z: 8am – 11am



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Female Visitation



1pm – 4pm

Juvenile Visitation



Females: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Males: 7:30pm – 9:00pm





Sending Money


Money can be added to inmate accounts by using one of the options below. Inmates can use the money in their account to purchase canteen items or to make phone calls. When an inmate is released they are refunded any balance left on their account.


1.     Mail It

Money can be sent by mailing a US Postal Service Money Order to Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility. Only money orders from the US Postal Service are accepted. The inmate’s name must be written on the money order. Funds are applied to the inmates account on the next business day after it is received.


2.     Online

·        Visit www.jailatm.com

·        Select Commissary

·        Log in or set-up an account

·        Select NC as state, Burke Catawba as facility, & enter Inmates last name

·        Select the inmate you want to send money to from the list of names provided.

·        Follow onscreen instructions to send money.

·        Funds are available on the residents account


3.     In Person

Money can be added to the Jail ATM located in the main lobby of Burke-Catawba.



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Canteen for Inmates


Inmates that have money in their account have the opportunity to order canteen. Items available for purchase include food, clothing, hygiene products, and personal items.  Inmates have the opportunity to order each week but there is a $60.00 purchase limit on canteen orders.  All orders are placed through the Pay-Tel phones located in each inmates cell and are placed by entering the inmates Booking ID Number.  Canteen orders must be placed by Saturday night and are delivered Tuesday night. If inmates have money on their account, they must order their hygiene products through canteen. BCDCF does not provide hygiene products to inmates unless they have a zero balance in their account (see Policies Section).


List of Items Available for Canteen Purchase

·        Canteen List



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Telephone Calls for Inmates


Inmates are allowed to make phone calls from 7:00am – 11:00pm. All phone calls are made using the Pay-Tel phone located in their cell. An Inmates first phone call is free courtesy of Pay-Tell. Inmates can use money on their account to make calls; however, rates for calls can vary.


Inmates may make collect calls from their cells however collect calls cannot be made to pre-paid cellular phones.



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Mail for Inmates


General Notes

Items or materials that contain nudity or are sexually explicit which by its nature or content pose a threat to the security, good order, or discipline of the Institution or facilitates criminal activity will not be accepted.  Materials which in any way support, incites, promotes, encourages or advocates any type of gang activity by pictorial, writings, sign language or insignia will not be accepted at this Facility.


Letters must be written in English.


Mail that contains contraband will not be accepted.  Empty envelopes and stamps must be purchased on canteen if the inmate is not indigent.  If mailed in, they will be placed in the inmate’s property.


Correspondence between inmates is generally prohibited.  This includes letters mailed back in from an outside source.



Inmates are allowed 3 books per month and must be received directly from a publisher.  If the inmate receives more than 3 books they will be returned to sender without notice.  Books must be paperback.  Bibles are provided by the Facility – no exceptions.  Books will not be stored in the inmate’s property bin due to limited space.  Books with graphic, lascivious, vulgar or sexually explicit language or material will not be accepted.



All magazines must come directly from the publisher.  An inmate may have no more than two magazines in their possession at one time.  These will not be stored in an inmate’s property bin due to limited space.  Magazines with nudity or sexually explicit content will not be accepted.



Inmates may receive a daily newspaper subscription through the mail from the publisher.  These are not to be hoarded and should be disposed of daily by the inmate.  Newspapers will not be stored in an inmate’s property bin due to limited space along with being a fire hazard.


Incoming Mail:

Inmates may receive mail that is legal to mail through the US Postal Service. Personal Mail is read, censored, or rejected based on legitimate institutional interests of order and security. Incoming mail is distributed throughout the week except for Sundays and Holidays.  Appropriate pictures are allowed to be sent to inmates but they may only keep a limit of 10 photographs in their possession.  Letters to inmates must be mailed in an envelope that does not have non-manufactured pictures, stickers, drawings, or any writing other than an address for the inmate and return address from the sender.  Only envelopes that have art created by the envelope manufacturer may be accepted.  Lewd, lascivious, vulgar, or profane manufactured markings on an envelope will be returned to the sender. 


Outgoing Mail:

Inmates have no limit on the amount of mail they may send as long as they are able to provide the proper postage. Stamps may be purchased using the inmate’s canteen, and proper postage must be used. Inmates are not allowed to send mail COD or by using any type of postage account.


If an inmate is classified as being indigent, they are allowed to send up to 3 letters a week. 


All incoming and outgoing mail must be addressed as follows:

Inmates Legal First and Last Name

148 Government Drive

Morganton, NC 28655


Legal Mail:

Detention Officers are required to open and inspect incoming Legal Mail from Attorneys and Courts in the inmate’s presence.



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Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility Board Meetings


Meetings will be held at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted on the schedule below and will take place in the Burke County Sheriff’s Conference Room located at 150 Government Drive in Morganton, NC.

Persons with Disabilities:  Individuals needing assistance should contact the Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility Clerk at 828-764-9580 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Participation in public meetings is without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability.

Meetings Schedule for 2019

Wednesday, 16th January

Tuesday, 9th April

Wednesday, 17th July

Wednesday, 16th October



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