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Criminal Investigations/Narcotics




Mission Statement

Our division will aggressively approach each case with an open mind and the willingness to accept new challenges. We will work together as a division with determination and a positive attitude to reach our overall goals.


The Burke County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division or "CID" is comprised of a Lieutenant, three Sergeants, eleven detectives, and 2 administrative technicians.


Each detective is assigned cases that fall into one of the following five investigative categories:


·         Criminal

1.      Felonious crimes against persons (i.e. murder, robbery, assaults, etc.)

2.      Felonious crimes against property (i.e. burglary, breaking and entering, etc.)

3.      Certain suspicious incidents (i.e. suicide, death investigations, etc.)


·         Juvenile

Misdemeanor and felonious crimes committed by juveniles under the age of sixteen


·         Fraud

“White collar" crimes against persons (i.e. embezzlement, identity theft, etc.)


·         Physical/Sexual Abuse

All physical and sexual abuse reports of both adults and children in which the suspect is age sixteen or older. Works along with the Department of Social Services and the Child Advocacy Center


·         Narcotics

Crimes involving drugs and the sale of drugs


All the members of the division work tirelessly to investigate their cases and help solve crimes that have affected the citizens for Burke County.


The division works very closely with the District Attorney’s Office during the course of investigations and is often assisted by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.



Anyone with information about criminal offenses which have occurred within Burke County's jurisdiction should contact CID at (828) 764-9505.


Crime Stoppers is also prepared to receive your information twenty-four hours a day at (828) 437-3333. You could be eligible for a cash reward, and you do not have to submit your name.


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