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Code Enforcement


The Burke County Sheriff's Office and Burke County Public Works combined their efforts to establish a Code Enforcement Deputy. The deputy's office is located at the Burke County Office Building and he is responsible for various duties which include:

·         Patrolling municipal and rural areas for illegal dump sites

·         Investigating illegal dump sites to determine the nature of the site or identification of the responsible parties

·         Making routine investigations of assigned waste disposal areas for illegal materials

·         Answering complaints concerning illegal littering/dumping that are made by the public

·         Supervising jail trustee inmates as they remove litter from our roadsides and clean illegal dump sites



The Code Enforcement Division is striving to keep Burke County a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, there are some that do not share this goal. This is evident by the amount of trash seen on our streets and highways, despite the fact that the division picks up 6,000 to 9,000 pounds of trash from the road sides each month. The Code Enforcement Division is working with the Governor's Office along with twenty-eight other counties in an effort to educate the public about littering.


The Code Enforcement Deputy is assigned tasks and works in conjunction with the Burke County Office of Waste Management.


The Deputy may be reached at (828) 439-4362.