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Community Police & Special Operations


The Community Police & Special Operations Division is a very diverse division comprised of several areas of law enforcement to include the seven community police deputies, a Lieutenant, and a Sergeant.


The Lieutenant and Sergeant are frequently guest speakers for civic organizations, churches, and other community events. The goal of the division is to build good public relations within the county.


Some of the additional duties performed by this division include: 

·         Community Fairs & Health Fairs

·         Click it or Ticket & Booze it or Lose it Campaigns

·         Setup and help maintain Community Watch Programs

·         Public Information Meetings

·         High School Student Mentoring Programs

·         Patrol Lake James and  Lake Rhodhiss

·         Member of State Emergency Response Team

·         Member of Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team


Community Police Deputies

There are seven community deputies serving the Burke

County communities of:

·         Lake James

·         Jonas Ridge

·         Rutherford College

·         Connelly Springs

·         Hildebran


Each community has provided an office for the deputies so they can better serve and more quickly respond to the needs of the community.

The community deputies work in their assigned areas catering to the law enforcement needs specific to that community. Along with numerous other responsibilities, these officers attend town meetings, perform saturation patrols in needed areas, and help to organize community watch programs. Through these community watch programs, citizens are able to work directly with law enforcement to ensure a safer community.


During the summer months, community police deputies can also been seen patrolling Lake James to help protect those enjoying one of Burke County's most beautiful resources.


The Community Police Lieutenant can be reached at (828) 764-9524.


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