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The Patrol Division has four platoons (A, B, C, and D). Each platoon has a Lieutenant and Sergeant who supervises the shift, and five patrol deputies. The deputies are assigned to different sections of Burke County's 511 square mile area.

Each platoon works a twelve-hour shift, with the officers permanently assigned to either day or night shift. The schedule allows each platoon to be off-duty every other weekend.

Deputies patrol their assigned beats and also are responsible for the service of processes including warrants, criminal summons, subpoenas, show cause orders, juvenile summons, and bond forfeitures. They also respond to calls for service and constantly face dangerous situations. During the night, officers check buildings and keep a keen eye focused on suspicious vehicles and persons.


The patrol division can be reached for service calls at (828) 438-5500.


The Sheriff's Office boasts a sleek style of patrol vehicle or "cruiser" with gray and black colors. The Dodge Charger has a police interceptor engine and heavy duty suspension. A Burke County deputy will normally drive approximately 240 miles during a 12-hour shift.