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Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Phone : (828) 764-9513            Fax: (828) 764-9543


The Records Division is one of the business divisions of the Sheriff’s Office and is the division you will be the first to interact with if you come to the Sheriff’s Office.


The division is made up of a Sergeant and three senior administrative assistants.


Some of the duties of the Records Division include:


·         Making reports available to the public in accordance with the public records laws


·         Entering law enforcement reports (i.e. incident, arrest, supplemental, etc.) into the Burke County Sheriff's Office Record Management System


·         Entering processes (i.e. warrants, criminal summons, subpoenas, show cause orders, magistrate and civil summons, executions, etc.) into the Records Management System and editing the record after the process is served

·         Digitally photographing and registering sex offenders


·         Processing gun permit and concealed weapon applications


·         Securing driving records and criminal histories for attorneys and officers


·         Fingerprinting daycare worker and teaching applicants


·         Collecting monies for the service of processes and other sheriff's fees


·         Reporting IBR crime statistics to the State of North Carolina




The supervisor of the Records Division is the Desk Sergeant. Besides supervising the division, one of the main reasons for having a Desk Sergeant is so there is a uniformed sworn deputy available at the Sheriff’s Office to help the public.


The Duties of the Desk Sergeant include:

·         Taking incident reports from persons that come to the office to report a crime


·         Taking incident reports over the telephone when appropriate


·         Fingerprinting of concealed firearms applicants, employment applicants, nursing applicants, child daycare employees, etc.


·         Service of criminal and civil processes on file at the Sheriff's Office, thereby keeping officers on the road to patrol and answer calls for service


·         Acting as liaison with the county attorney and Attorney General's Office concerning law and procedural matters


·         Supervising the Records Division and assisting clerks in all of their above-stated duties


·         Speaking with citizens concerning their problems and offering advice


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